The artist SARA SWATI awakens in her pictures a unique symbiosis of compositions that are full of spirit and tangible power that lead continually to new creations, which she saturates with her very own impulsive fire, inspired by a curiosity in art history, as well as a curiosity about the origins of life itself.

SARA SWATI is a Stuttgart/Germany based artist, living the most wonderful time of the year in Chiclana de la Frontera/Cádiz/Spain. Through her studies (Art Academy and Academy for Art and Design) she has acquired essential knowledge and continued to develop her existing abilities through experimental techniques. Numerous trips and longer stays in foreign countries, particularly those in Asia (India, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, among others) played a vital and indispensable role in her life as a way to further realize her own authenticity.

She was inspired by her encounters with unexplored cultures, fascinated by the teachings of Hinduism and the philosophies of Buddhism, both of which penetrate and enrich the simple and true life in their spirituality without in any way losing their liveliness and freshness or turning into a defect or renunciation (as Western thinking one is mostly accustomed to doing). They lead to an unavoidable clarification and serenity of the design vocabulary by means of their elegant frugality and ability to distill the essentials.

The tireless confrontation, editing and processing of multifaceted subjects with their contrasting and, at first glance, contradictory perceptions, appear upon longer investigation to be finally at their core indeed more alike than first suspected; as a result, her works make for a comprehensible and distinctive experience for the observer who is inwardly prepared to participate in such an experience.


SARA SWATI’s pictures are the published documents of her work, to be experienced vividly and to be seen and felt as the result of the creative process that has taken place. Through the spontaneity of her approach, the artist in her succeeds in holding on intellectually to the path she has taken. Outer appearances of reality meet inner, collectively available archetypes as these first evoke individual impressions that melt into one’s own experiences with collectively available subconscious symbols. The subjective perspective therefore always leads to a collective interlinking and thereby, an intelligible and supernatural expression emerges.

In order to control the relevance of the creative process, the choice of appropriate materials, necessary tools, and suitable techniques is something that is mostly done intuitively at first. However, it is also a decisive step in the ultimate visual quest. The implementation, which takes place in a constant dialog and struggle, from the initial vision, these internal pictures, concepts and ideas leading up to the actual creation, take place relatively unconsciously, where full abandonment of reflective intervention, while partially steering, controlling and promoting the creative process produces something very haphazard. On the other hand, too little freedom ends in numbness and thus the liveliness, immediacy and uniqueness of this one moment would be suffocated.

The comprehensive and broadly diversified repertoire of the artist SARA SWATI permits varied installation: it complies equally harmonically in a puristically, minimal, clear ambiance, as well as also in a somewhat playful living environment or a classical style of furnishing. The works of the artist SARA SWATI have already been cherished by collectors for years and acquired as investments as well as for prestigious intentions.